Parish Council Meeting – Opened at 8-50pm



Mrs S Burfoot

Mr T Chapman

Mr S Giles

Mr H Hunt

Mr N Williams


4 parishioners

Chris Webber (Councillor for West Berks, Basildon ward)



1. Minutes


 The minutes from the last meeting 8th May 2003 where read, agreed (with three minor amendments) and signed.


2. Actions


  1. Mr S Giles to produce some advertising material for the Parish Assembly to be held on 22nd May at 8.00pm., and announce it on the village web-site. (Action Complete)
  2. Mr T Chapman to create an agenda for the meeting (Action Complete)
  3. Mrs S Burfoot to ask Mrs Rawlinson about hours/pay/responsibilities for Parish Clerk.
    Estimate was 4 hours a week – busy around Christmas and in July.  Most of the work involved screening and distributing material and liasing with West Berks Council. Pay scales could be discussed, though because the precept for this year had already been set, there would be not much more available than the £320 (including expenses) that was paid last year.  (Action Complete)
  4. Mr S Giles to ask Liz Giles and Yvonne Sullivan whether they would be prepared to take on the position of clerk. Neither was willing;  however,  Jessica Franklin was prepared to take on the position on trial until the next meeting (Action Complete)
  5. Litter picking: Mr H Hunt to ask Phyllis Prior whether she was prepared to continue doing this important task.
    Phyllis was agreeable to this(Action Complete)
  6. Footpaths: Mr T Chapman to ask Dominic Taylor whether he would continue to clear the footpaths as necessary.
    Dominic was not prepared to do this, but suggested that Ted Matthews might be willing. Mr H Hunt to ask Ted for a quote for the work (Action Continues: Mr H Hunt)
  7. Disabled access: This matter had been discussed at the Parish Assembly immediately preceding. Mr C Owens noted that the contractors had been asked to tender for completion before 2004.
    Mr H Hunt and Mr T Chapman will interview the contractor with the cheapest quote to ensure that he is suitable. (Action Continues Mr H Hunt/Mr T Chapman)
  8. Councillors Guide: 4 copies were purchased and distributed.  Mr S Giles to send a cheque for them to BALC (Action Mr S Giles)



3. Matters Arising


  1. Register of Interests - Parish Councillors’ statements need to be handed to the Clerk and sent off to West Berkshire Council, also a list of new members needs to be sent. (Action: All)
  2. New Treasurer – Mr S Giles was proposed as Treasurer by Mr T Chapman, seconded by Mr N Williams, and elected unanimously.


4. Planning


  1. It was noted that the rejection of the proposed TETRA mast at Pibworth had been confirmed on appeal.
  2. There were no new planning applications.


5. Financial


  1. Two cheques had been written:
    1. BALC (amount unknown) annual subscription
    2. Yattendon Estates (£1) – Village Hall ground rent
  2. Village Hall insurance: a renewal notice had been received., though no competitive quotes had been asked for.  Mr N Williams will look at it and if acceptable will discuss with Mr T Chapman and subsequently pay for it.(Action: Mr N Williams/Mr T Chapman)


6. Any Other Business


Shop – The Shop Committee are trying to get a grant for new tables, as they are more likely than the Village Hall Management Committee to be successful.  Any hirer of the hall will be able to use the tables.  Storage was a possible problem, but the Cricket Club had indicated that it should be possible to use the scorebox.


Issues about the Hall – There was again a discussion about management of the Village Hall. Mr T Chapman agreed to look into a number of issues, including:

-          who is on the committee

-          how are they elected

-          how is the hall financed

-          who owns the structure

(Action: Mr T Chapman)


Future ideas for the Parish Council – a letter and brochure about funding from Mrs S Breen was handed to the Chairman.


Yattendon Grain Hauling – Concerns were shown about the speed and size of the lorries travelling through the village.  Mr T Chapman will write to Yattendon Estates and ask them to address the problem (Action: Mr T Chapman)


Post Meeting Note – The Annual Return for the Parish Council has to be sent to the Auditors by 18th July. In the absence of a formal meeting in the interim, the completed return was completed by Mr S Giles, agreed by Mr N Williams, signed by Mr S Giles (vice Chairman, pp Chairman), Mr H Hunt (Internal Auditor) and Miss J Franklin (Parish Clerk), and posted.


7. Next meeting


The next meeting will be held on 24th July 2003, at 8pm at Aldworth Village Hall



Meeting Closed at 9.55pm