Aldworth Parish Council

Meeting: 8th May 2003, at Aldworth Village Hall


Meeting opened 8.00pm.



Mrs S Burfoot

Mr T Chapman

Mr S Giles

Mr H Hunt

Mr N Williams


Also present: Mrs B Rawlinson (outgoing Parish Clerk)


1)                   Legal Matters: The new councillors signed the acceptance forms on taking office.

2)                   Election of Officers: Mr T Chapman (proposed Mr H Hunt, seconded Mrs S Burfoot) was unanimously elected Chairman and Mr S Giles (proposed Mr N Williams, seconded Mrs S Burfoot) was unanimously elected Vice-Chaiman, there being no other candidates.

3)                   The minutes of the last meeting were read, agreed and signed in the minute book.

4)                   Mr T Chapman and Mr N Williams were agreed as signatories for the bank account.

5)                   Planning:

a.                   Whittington Grimsdyke: some discussion about whether the new house was being lived in; it was believed that (in line with planning consent) the old bungalow was being demolished.

b.                   Garratt conversion of lean-to wooden structure to single story extension: no objections raised.


Mrs B Rawlinson left the meeting at this point.

6)                   New Council Business

a.                   The Parish Assembly will be held on 22nd May at 8.00pm. Mr S Giles to produce some advertising material, and announce it on the village web-site. (Action: Mr S Giles)
Mr T Chapman to create an agenda for the meeting (Action Mr T Chapman)

b.                   Parish Clerk:

                                                   i.      Mrs S Burfoot to ask Mrs Rawlinson about hours/pay/responsibilities (Action: Mrs S Burfoot)

                                                  ii.      Mr S Giles to ask Liz Giles and Yvonne Sullivan whether they would be prepared to take on the position (Action: Mr S Giles)

c.                   Information: Parish Council business and minutes to be published on the web site, and a summary to be included in the leaflet. An attempt to be made to publicise meetings more effectively and encourage more parishioner participation.

d.                   Internal auditor: Mr H Hunt will continue in this role.

e.                   Litter picking: Phyllis Prior to be asked whether she was prepared to continue doing this important task. (Action: ???)

f.                    Footpaths: Dominic Taylor to be asked whether he would continue to clear the footpaths as necessary. (Action: ???)

g.                   Disabled access: The new members were updated with the latest plans, and discussion was held about whether the state of the entrance to the field complied with the spirit of the new legislation. Chris Owens to be asked for his opinion. (Action Mr T Chapman)

h.                   Councillors Guide: 4 copies to be purchased at 2 each. (Action Mr T Chapman)


The meeting closed at 9.30pm.